Saturday, May 28, 2011

Steve Krupnic on Pawnshop Consulting Group's Pawn Symposium

I have to warn you. Many smart pawnbrokers receiving today's e-mail tip will consider it to be more of a pitch than a tip. You may be one of them. There will however be a few members of the three balled tribe who will view this tip as one of the biggest opportunities that's ever been presented to them in their business. To find out if you are such a person, read on. That's because something truly amazing and totally unique is going to take place in our industry and I'm very fortunate to be given the opportunity to present it to you. Nothing like this has ever happened in the 3000+ year history of our industry. It is a first of its kind exclusive opportunity to invest in yourself and your pawnshop business in a way never before available.

This exclusive opportunity is in the form of an event. This event is going to explore the very core of our business concepts and what it truly takes to get to the next level and beyond. It is an assembly of some of the brightest minds in the world today in the pawnbroking industry from the US and internationally. And
those attending will benefit greatly for generations to come.

At this point you may be saying to yourself "Oh great, another meeting, another convention, more seminars, a whole bunch more information I'll never use." And if that's how you feel about what I'm going to announce that's just fine with me. Most likely this offer is not for you. But if you do happen to still be curious I will provide you with the intimate details of this amazing event.

The event is PCG's Pawn Symposium and Conference being held September 12-15, 2011 in Naples Florida at the world-class Ritz-Carlton resort. It will be offering the industry's first true focus groups that will absolutely raise the bar for our industry and propel us into the future with other like-minded business professionals within pawnbroking. But don't be tricked into thinking this event is just about more ideas
and more information.Because nothing could be further from the truth. It truly is a matchless meeting
of the experts - a pawnbroking mastermind of kind - an opportunity to explore your business methods and procedures at a core level. Four days of focus. Laser focus. Giving you the ability to zero in on every target you have ever thought about in your pawnshop business.

Fifteen different focus groups conducted by at least eight of the leading experts in our industry on a global scale. Like I told you, a first of its kind event. And I guarantee you by attending this event you will be making
the single most important investment you have ever made in yourself and in your pawnshop business. An opportunity that no one in our industry has ever been presented.  Because no such opportunity has ever existed. I feel it's important to inform you of what this event is not. It's not a convention. No silly events, no
fundraising, no exhibit halls, no auctions, no selling to you or hitting you up for donations of any kind. It's not about that. And it's certainly not about just being a good excuse to spend a few days with "the boys" on the
beach. What it is about is an opportunity for you to focus purely on improving the core metrics in your pawnshop business surrounded by world-class experts in a world-class resort. These experts will share with you their tried and true proven methodologies to enhance your overall business philosophy and
gain highly profitable lifelong results.

I have no idea how my friend Jerry Whitehead of the Pawnshop Consulting Group went about assembling this lineup of industry experts or how many favors he had to call in to do so. But I'm very proud of him for having the desire and commitment to produce and present this amazing event specifically for our industry and the select group of participants who will attend.  And speaking of attending I must warn you about something else. Having the ability to write the check, make the travel arrangements, and take a few days off does not qualify you to attend. You should only consider attending this event if you are truly ready to give it all you've got. You must be willing to attend all of the focus groups and participate. You must be committed to greater
profits in your business. Only those with a burning desire to succeed need apply. This is why Mr. Whitehead has chosen to be selective about attendees and keep this event a manageable size. This way every attendee can experience this world-class event in a more intimate and personal setting. Over half of the available seats for this event sold out immediately when Jerry first offered this opportunity to his list of clients.And now he has provided me with the opportunity to offer it to you. For this I am very grateful. For further information on PCG's Pawn Symposium and Conference

E-mail Jerry at or give him a call at 954-540-3697.

Jerry Whitehead surely apprciates Steve's support!